Coco Coir Bulk Substrate – 5 lbs bags

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This is 5 lbs of coco coir that has been brought to field capacity, has had its pH adjusted with gypsum, and then pasteurized

It is in a large gusseted filter patch bag that is 10″ wide, 5 inches deep, and 24 inches tall.

This allows one to add colonized spawn directly to the bag and fruit within: air exchange and humidity adjusted by altering the opening of the bag or other modifications.

It does not contain anything else; no manure, no vermiculite, no worm castings or coffee.

It has a very mild if any odour, less so then potting soil.

It is just coco coir, water and gypsum. All of which can be cheaply obtained at many garden centers, pet stores, and often times even Walmart in the spring. You can add a spoonful of plaster of Paris powder and boiling water to it in a bucket to pasteurized it.  That option is likely cheaper then what we are offering.




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