24 lbs – 8 bags, 3 lbs each – Injection Port Bags with 0.2 micron filter – Free Shipping – Rye Grain


$2.83/lbs — or you can get it cheaper at $2.00 per pound just pay via Monero.

This is 8 bags of 3 lbs of sterilized hydrated rye grain in large injection port bags with 0.2 micron. Sold in 8 bags at a time, 24 lbs in total for cost $68, or $48 if you pay via Monero




This is for 8 bags that have 3 lbs of sterilized hydrated rye grain in them, for a total of 24 lbs. Bag is 5 x 8 x 18, larger than our other bags, and comes with a 0.2 micron filter patch and an injection port.

Want to pay only $48 for 24 lbs? ($2/lbs including shipping)

Pay us via Monero, price will automatically be adjusted upon checkout if paying via Monero.

How to get Monero:
Because Monero conceals sender, reciever and amounts transacted, certain exchanges like Coinbase, do not offer it.

I recommend converting an easy to get and cheap to transact cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin and then use Cake Wallet to convert it into Monero. There maybe small exchange fees from your exchange and the Cake Wallet exchange.
Available on both IOS and Android.

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Monero is my favorite thing and I would like to educate you why I like it as a payment method.

I believe Monero helps protect the privacy of both my customers and myself, while saving us both money. I believe, for me, that it is a good investment and I want to do what I can to get paid in it.

Monero is more scarce than bitcoin with a currently lower inflation rate (better stock to flow), It uses RandomX; an ASIC resistant miming algorithm that allows one to mine efficiently on their CPU resulting in a more decentralized secure network, it conceals sender, reciever and amounts transacted. It even conceals *when* a specific transaction has occurred, and hides IP address via Dandilion++. It is truly uncensorable, fungible, digital cash that is secured by a tail emission, allowing for low transaction fees, which are less than a penny, with payment confirmation time of approximately 2 minutes.


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