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Most frequent questions and answers


Just contact us and tell us your location, items and quantity needed and we’ll get you a quote.  

Bulk pricing starts around 50 bags for most of our grain, spawn or substrates and we can provide 1,000s of bags, 

Once invoice is paid, it should ship off within the week.  

It is very simple. We pay out every two weeks via zelle (direct bank transfers). 

All you need to do is create an affiiate account, and share your specific affiliate link provided on this page here. 

If you get a bulk sale we may have to manually credit this to your account depending on how they paid. 

If you have any issues with our products due to manufacturing defects or damages during shipping we replace these free of charge. 

If they were inoculated we will work with you as much as possible, including replacements, discounts and helping to ensure you have a good clean source of inoculate, and proper procedures.

Just reach out by sending  text to 435-237-2998 or email to 
If needed, we are happy to schedule a phone call. 

We can help at any level: small or large.

Happy to help trouble shoot anything from a single small grow bag or PF tek, up to managing a large grow operation with automated climate control or bulk harvesting and dehydration. 

It’s free so don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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