ATTENTION! shipping delays!

If you order there will be a week or two delay at a minimum as I focus on catching up with orders. Working to catch up on existing orders now.
Top focus is getting current orders out as soon a
Sorry about the inconvenience and lack of customer service. Cannot manage producing all the grain and customer service at the moment. Will be improving shortly. Just trying to get caught up. This is currently a one person operation.

Compare Prices & Policy!

Seriously. Compare our prices to anyone else selling sterilized grain in bags with filter + injection port.

Currently we’re around 45% the cost of other well established suppliers.

Our lowest price option, which is our bulk monthly subscription has the grain at a final cost of $2.47 per pound.

Our most expensive option, which is one single bag ordered once is $5.30 per pound.

Many others sell their first pound for $14-$16 and 25 lbs of grain for $170.25 to $173.75.

We sell 24 lbs for $74.30.
That’s pretty close to a $100 difference!

Replacement & Refund Policy
Our replacement and refund policy is great: if it is in anyway damaged or defective, as you would expect us to do: we replace it for free.
What if YOU screw up? Maybe you inject it with some contaminated liquid culture or your cat bites it. Well, we’ll give you 15% off your next order. Just send us some pictures and explanation on what happened, sometimes it’s hard to tell who is at fault, and in those cases we often replace it for free.

Production & Shipping

All prices include shipping via priority mail. Ships generally within a few days, larger orders a week or more due to batching so all boxes can send out all at once.

Help Sell Our Product & Earn 15% of the Sale!

We are not at capacity but yet we’ve got all the investments and employees we would if we were operating at capacity. So we need help making more sales.
If you sign up for our affiliate program and make sales, you can earn 15% of every sale you make. There are no minimums and we will pay you however you like, including Cash by mail, Monero, Bitcoin, our grain bags, credit card or bank transfer, whatever.