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Sterilized Grain Spawn (6 bags, 3 lbs each)

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Sterilized Milo Sorghum Grain Spawn – 3 lbs bags with injection ports.

Same Grain. Better bags and better pricing! 

All prices include Free Shipping!

Sterilized Grain Spawn: 18 lbs in total, 6 bags fill with Three pounds of hydrated Milo Sorghum grain.

This sterilized grain is sealed & fully sterilized in a unicorn bag with a 0.2-micron filter patch and a high-quality injection port.

Same grain; better bag. This larger bag allows easier shaking and optimized colonization as more grain is touching other grain and not the plastic, all while allowing us to ship them to you faster, easier and cheaper: getting you the best price on the market!

In order to provide superior pricing we only sell this item in increments of 6 bags for now.


Sorghum, also known as milo seems to be the superior mushroom grain spawn. It consistently outperforms rye, oats or corn in our tests regardless of how we prepare them. Makes sense that the worlds largest spawn producers like aloha medicinals or amycel seem to use the same grain we do.

Sorghum It has relatively high protein but most importantly it has a lot of surface area due to it’s small particle size. The more surface area your the grain in your spawn bags have, the faster the mycelium will spread in the sterilized grain bag and the faster the colonized mushroom spawn will colonize the bulk substrate as it will more evenly and intimately mix through the bulk substrate providing lots of inoculating points. This speed reduces risk of contamination and makes it so your mushrooms can fruit as fast as possible.

How to inoculate our grain bags:

Each order comes with a business card and a set of instructions, but you can also view our blog for more information on how to best use sterilized grain bags; such as how to inoculate, how to speed up colonization, and the best ways to use and keep them


Please contact us about Bulk Orders and shipping as we might be able to reduce shipping costs depending on your location.

We are able to ship full pallets (600 bags (1800 lbs)).

Text: 1-435-237-2998


Weight 18.00 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 12.00 × 4.00 in

6 reviews for Sterilized Grain Spawn (6 bags, 3 lbs each)







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    🔰 Transfer 45 511 $. Gо tо withdrаwаl >> 🔰


    February 24, 2024
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    February 20, 2024
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    Best quality

    Spawn Magic has the best, cleanest spawn bags with prices you can’t beat. I highly recommend them.

    December 31, 2023
    Verified Review
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    Brian Reddick

    Impressed with entire process

    Being new to mushroom cultivation, the straightforward and clear information on each product is very helpful. My first attempt using the spawn bags is going well and I’m expecting a successful harvest.

    December 25, 2023
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    Susan Colarullo

    All 6 Grain Bags Successfully Colonized

    All 6 bags we bought from Spawn Magic successfully colonized. We’re not sure if it’s because we inoculated with colonized agar instead of injecting spores directly with a syringe, but we’re not going to question the 100% success rate we’ve experienced with these exceptional grain bags. As long as Spawn Magic is selling these high-quality, reasonably priced grain bags, we’ll be buying them.

    Cameron’s friendly, attentive customer service is an added bonus.

    November 16, 2023
    Verified Review
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    Grain Spawn Inoculating Perfectly

    All 6 bags are inoculating perfectly, very happy with the product outcome. Saved me a lot of time and inconvenience, will be ordering more!

    September 24, 2023
    Verified Review

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