Sterilized Grain Spawn (3 lbs bags) – Milo (sorghum) Grain

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Three pounds of organic hydrated Sorghum (Milo) grain in a 0.2 micron filter bag with a quality injection port. Fully sterilized. 30 day warranty if outer protective bag is unopened.

We refund or replace damaged bags before inoculation for FREE!

We discount bags in the event that your last ones contaminated after inoculation: even if you are at fault! 


NOTICE: Rye truly sucks. We have switched back to Milo which is a large kernel Grain of sorghum that has vastly faster colonization times. It is more costly, but it’s worth it. Rye is either mushy or too dry. Nothing beats Milo grain.


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1 review for Sterilized Grain Spawn (3 lbs bags) – Milo (sorghum) Grain

  1. David

    Ordered 5 x 3lb bags. Quality materials used. The bag, grain , filter and injection ports were made of materials that had better quality than a couple previous ebay purchases. Grain also has deeper color and sweeter smell. No contamination from any bags. And price came to around $10 per 3lb bag . As long as they continue to be sterile with no contamination , I’ll never care to make my own grain bags again. This is good, simple and cheap enough to always use.

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