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Receive 5 different edible, medicinal, or interesting mushroom cultures  in the form of 10ml liquid culture syringes.

Our choice of culture. We try to do a diverse mix of species so each package is diverse in utility –   hoping that we supply at least one culture that is useful for everyone.

An example of  a package might be the following:

1. Blue Oyster – a choice edible that is extremely easy to cultivate
2. Shiitake 75 – a classic and productive strain of shiitake
3. Panellus stipticus – a novelty mushroom that produces visible light as it is bioluminescent.
4. Turkey Tail – a fantastic mushroom that produces high levels of beta-glucans which may modulate and improve the immune system
5. Lions Mane – a quick to fruit choice edible that is renowned not only for it’s beta-glucans but various terpenoid compounds that increase neuroplasticity as well as having some anti-anxiety effects.

Each month will be different, but they’ll all have interesting or economically useful mushrooms in them, all at a great price.





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