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5 Different Liquid Culture Syringes – Monthly Subscription

$25.00 / month

Subscribe for monthly deliveries of five unique mushroom cultures and receive them at highly discounted prices.

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Explore the world of mushrooms with our Liquid Culture package. Receive five different edible, medicinal, or intriguing mushroom cultures, each presented in convenient 10ml liquid culture syringes.

Our selection process aims to provide you with a diverse mix of species, ensuring that each package offers a range of utility. We’re committed to offering at least one culture that will be valuable to every enthusiast.

Imagine unwrapping a package that includes:

  1. Blue Oyster – a choice edible variety known for its easy cultivation.
  2. Shiitake 75 – a classic and highly productive strain of shiitake.
  3. Panellus stipticus – a novelty mushroom with a captivating feature: it emits visible light due to its bioluminescence.
  4. Turkey Tail – a remarkable mushroom known for its high levels of beta-glucans, which may enhance and modulate the immune system.
  5. Lions Mane – a quick-to-fruit edible variety celebrated not only for its beta-glucans but also for its various terpenoid compounds that promote neuroplasticity and offer some anti-anxiety effects.

Every month, expect a fresh assortment, ensuring you get a new set of intriguing and economically valuable mushrooms, all at an excellent price point.

Embark on a journey of discovery as you experiment with these liquid cultures, whether you’re a seasoned mycologist or just beginning your fungal adventure. With our thoughtfully curated selection, you’re set to unlock a world of possibilities.

Order your Liquid Culture package today and experience the joy of cultivating a diverse array of mushrooms. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your mycological horizons. Start growing with confidence and creativity, knowing you have quality cultures at your fingertips. Combining these LCs with our premium substrate will ensure you get a pleasant growing experience rewarded with abundant yields. There is no excuse to not grow your own delicious mushrooms at home!

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