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All In One Grow Bag


Sterilized All-In-One – 5 lbs bags with injection ports.

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An All-In-One Grow Bag that gets actual results. Just follow the five simple steps that allow you to grow mushrooms inside the bag, in a completely sterile environment, without the need to worry about misting, fanning, or other ways of controlling fresh air exchange or humidity levels.

Our preferred mix of CVG substrate is hydrated to field capacity and then mixed with 40% hydrated Rye grain.

Hydrated to field capacity, sealed, and fully sterilized in a unicorn bag with a 0.2-micron filter patch.

Spores germinate readily in this substrate, and liquid culture shows growth even faster.

  1. Wipe the injection port with alcohol and inject your spores or liquid culture.
  2. Once you can see healthy growth and have an approximately 1″ diameter circle of mycelium, shake the bag to distribute the mycelium and promote fast colonization.
  3.  After shaking, shape it back into a block. This will allow it to colonize in about one week if kept at room temperature.
  4. Once fully colonized, gently slide the colonized substrate block onto the side of the bag while laying the bag so that the filter patch and injection port are horizontal.
  5. Now let the mycelium do its thing. Good lighting seems to help.

The approximate time from inoculation to the first flush and harvest is 30 days. This may vary greatly depending on species, strain, and temperature/lighting of the environment.

After the first harvest, the block should be soaked in water for 5 hours, and then allowed to drain before being it in a sterile fruiting environment once again. Fruiting a second and sometimes a third flush is standard practice.

Alternatively, after the first harvest, the block may be carefully broken apart and used for propagation as you would in grain-to-grain transfers.

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