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An All in One Grow kit that gets real results. Just follow the 5 simple steps that allow you to grow mushrooms inside the bag, in a completely sterile environment without need to worry about misting, fanning or other ways of controlling fresh air exchange or humidity levels.

The substrate in this bag is completely sterilized and composed of 40% sterilized rye grain, and 60% bulk substrate made from coco coir, shredded wheat straw, vermiculite, gypsum, and shredded field aged horse manure for added nutrients and plenty of moisture.

Spores germinate readily in this substrate  and liquid culture shows growth even faster.

  1. Wipe injection port with alcohol and inject spores or liquid culture.
  2. Mix once approximately one inch of white Mycelium growth is visible
  3.  Shape back into a block. In doing so it will allow it to colonize in about 1 week if kept at room temperature.
  4. Once fully colonized gently slide colonized substrate block onto side of bag, while laying bag so filter patch and injection port are horizontal.
  5. Leave so that the mycelium may further consolidate and then begin to fruit. Good lighting seems to help.

Days till harvest from inoculation take approximately 30 days in ideal conditions but time may vary greatly depending on species, strain, and temperature/lighting.

After the first harvest, which can yield up to 1 lbs of mushrooms, the block can be soaked in water for 5 hours, allowed to drain and fruited again, and perhaps a third time after an additional soaking.

Alternatively, after the first harvest the block maybe carefully broken apart and used as spawn as the entire process up until this point had the mushrooms growing in a completely sterile environment.


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