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16 thoughts on “Quality & Service Checkup Survey

  1. I’ve used your bags 4 times already with zero contamination and great results.

    This is a set it and forget it method for me. Although it’s cheaper for me to make my own spawn jars, your bags make it stupid easy for me.

    Shipping has always been fast for me – I do order small amount of bags though…

    I also LOVE that I can pay with Monero which is private and I get a discount on top of that!

    Keep up the good work Cameron!

  2. You guys/gals have a great product. totally worth the wait! 100% success with no contamination, this has never happened to me before. If I don’t make it myself, I’ll only buy from y’all. It would help to explain that your dark millet, when wet, may look like contamination, that one would find in the rye bags. It’s just sweat or dark something, but so far it’s not contamination. I’ve never had bags colonize so fast, it’s like you have miracle grown in your grain!

  3. The bags took a while to receive and I was starting to wonder if I got ripped off, however, I noticed that it is a one-man operation which would explain the time it takes to get the bags prepped properly. The bags arrived in great shape although the shipping took longer than expected. I let the bags sit for about 3 days at room temp to ensure no contamination and inoculated them on 2/9. I believe I noticed mycelium between 2/13-2/4. Assuming my spores are healthy, your bags are yielding growth compared to the bag I ordered from northspore.

  4. As stated it would take longer to ship. I was expecting that.
    However ,it took over 3 weeks to be sent out. So far I am happy with product itself.

  5. Out of the 9 bags I have ordered from you one was contaminated. Better than anyone else’s bags. Your bags are the best. Thanks!

  6. Did the survey, got the code, tried to use it and it wouldn’t let me…can you please fix that? Would love to buy more grain bags!

    – Andrew Weitz

  7. Amazing rate of colonization. In one week I had to shake the grain bag as it was almost 20% colonized. This thing may finish in two and a half weeks which seems unreal. Excellent Milo bag brother.

  8. I inoculated your 3lb bag at the same time as two 1lb bags from another company.
    Your bag kicked booty. It’s doing wonderfully. Ordered three more.
    Great prices!

  9. First time buyer. Everything looks great. Shipping took longer than expected but the grain itself is perfect! Definitely my new go-to! Thanks!

  10. I ordered 3 bags and inoculated 2 and I’m seeing super quick growth but I went to inoculate the third bag a couple days ago and noticed a puncture in the bag and usps box resulting in a mass amount of grey mold. I am not complaining as the other 2 bags are performing great !

  11. this is my first time using a sterilized grain spawn bag, and so far so good. grain bag was in good condition, with proper moister inside the bag. will definitely be buying another bag soon

  12. Let me just tell you as someone with OCD….. I love your bags! They’re so clean, hydrated to perfection and arrive so perfectly packaged.



  13. First time trying to grow mushrooms. Enjoying the process. Thank you for having everything I need to make it happen.

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