Quality & Service Checkup Survey

Spore Germination

If you used spores, approximately how long did it take for them to germinate?

What do you think of the moisture level?

Do you feel the bags would benefit from more or less water content?

How did the package arrive?

What was the quality of the grain and packages once you recieved them?

How did our sterilized grain perform against sellers or your own sterilized grain?

Did our grain colonize faster or better then other sterilized grain you have used in the past?

How can we improve our sterilized grain?

What could we change about our sterilized grain to make it better? What features or qualities is it lacking?

How was shipping time?

Faster then expected

How was customer service?

If you contacted us, are you happy with the help you recieved and time it took for us to respond back?

What was your order number or email? This helps us associate feedback with specific batches of grain

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