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C.V.G. (Coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum) – 2 bags, 5 lbs each


Sterilized Substrate mix of Coco coir, Vermiculite, & Gypsum – 5 lbs bags

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Experience the dependability of our Sterilized Substrates, a time-tested blend of C.V.G. (Coco coir, vermiculite, & gypsum) expertly hydrated to field capacity. This classic mixture has proven itself as a reliable foundation for successful mushroom cultivation.

Each batch is meticulously sealed and fully sterilized within a specialized unicorn bag, complete with a precise 0.2-micron filter patch. This packaging ensures the integrity of the substrate while allowing for crucial air exchange during growth.

Achieving the perfect ratio is crucial for fruitful results. Combining one 5-lb bag of C.V.G. substrate with one 3-lb bag of grain spawn strikes an ideal balance of nutrient density and moisture content. This promotes rapid colonization and yields, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of mushrooms.

Moreover, our Sterilized Substrates offer not just a foundation for mushrooms, but a promise of reliability. With C.V.G., you’re not just getting a blend; you’re tapping into a legacy of cultivation success.

What sets C.V.G. apart is its harmonious fusion of coco coir, vermiculite, and gypsum. This blend, when hydrated to perfection, creates an environment that mushrooms thrive in. It’s this meticulous attention to detail that sets our Sterilized Substrates apart in the world of cultivation.

Derived from coconut husks, Coco coir is a nutrient-rich substrate that provides an essential foundation for mushroom growth. Its exceptional water-holding capacity ensures a consistent moisture supply to the mycelium, a crucial factor for robust growth. Vermiculite, on the other hand, excels in distributing moisture evenly, guaranteeing that mycelium receives the necessary water without risking waterlogging. Its unique structure creates beneficial air pockets within the substrate, facilitating improved oxygen flow to the mycelium. Finally, Gypsum contributes to a well-structured substrate, enhancing aeration and drainage—a crucial combination for successful mushroom cultivation. Together, Coco coir, Vermiculite, and Gypsum form a synergistic blend, offering an optimal environment for mycelium growth.

Choosing the right substrate is a crucial decision for any cultivator, and with our C.V.G. blend, you’re making a choice rooted in years of expertise and proven results. Experience the difference for yourself. Order now and witness the power of C.V.G. in your mushroom cultivation journey.


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