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Master’s Mix Bulk Substrate – 2 bags, 5 lbs each, injection ports


Sterilized Substrate mix of Coco coir, Vermiculite, & Gypsum – 5 lbs bags

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Experience the time-tested solution for your mushroom cultivation endeavors with our Bulk Substrate, known as the Master’s Mix. This blend, consisting of 50% hardwood sawdust and 50% soyhulls, strikes the perfect equilibrium for robust mycelium growth. Achieving the right moisture content is crucial, which is why we meticulously add 60% water by weight to the dry master mix.

Our dedication to quality extends to the packaging. Every batch is expertly sealed and fully sterilized within a specially designed unicorn bag, featuring a precision-engineered 0.2-micron filter patch. This not only ensures the integrity of the contents but also facilitates optimal air exchange – a vital factor for fostering healthy mushroom development.

The Master’s Mix shines as the top choice for wood-loving mushroom varieties like Lion’s Mane, Oyster Mushrooms, Chestnut, Hen of the Woods, Enoki, Nameko, and more. For those who prefer the liquid culture syringe inoculation method, the included injection port provides a seamless option. Though it may require a tad more patience, it’s a tried-and-true approach, particularly effective after observing a mycelium chunk the size of a golf ball.

Uncomplicate your mushroom cultivation with the Master’s Mix Bulk Substrate. It’s the dependable foundation you need for a successful harvest. Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or just starting out, trust in the reliability of the Master’s Mix. Plus, with our Master’s Mix, you’re not just purchasing a substrate, you’re investing in a legacy of successful cultivations! Get yours today and observe the powerful mushroom growth that this bulk substrate can offer. Join our community of growers who have witnessed firsthand the exceptional results that come with using this tried-and-true blend.


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